Charlie Sheen smokes crack live in a web-chat and they make him the highest paid actor on television.

An 18-year-old black person smokes a blunt and he is unfit to live.

I see you white power.


Comedian Greg Blackshear (via sonofbaldwin)

Not to mention Rob Ford still being allowed to hold office after admitting to a crack addiction and alcoholism, tackling a representative, etc.

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I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted

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I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

we joke but this is an actual thing

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All Alone // Toro Y Moi

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Ernesto Bautista - Masses [Masas], 2009
Transparent lighter filled with blood
and I’ve been having so many highs and lows lately that I’m not going to even bother sending this to you because I can’t have you thinking ill of me though I deserve it. I’m so mean to you but I don’t know, I don’t mean it and I hope you know that because you’re the coolest person ever and the only person that I… I don’t know, this is turning into a long rant and I don’t even know what I’m saying but even though I can barely talk to you without being a rollercoaster of emotions I hope you know that I really really really care. I care about you, I really do. Maybe even more than I should but it’s whatever. I just miss making fun of you and picking on you and sitting in your room watching you on your computer and talking on the phone with you and I don’t know i just miss you like you’re the greatest friend greatest like anything I’ve ever had and I know you’ll never even see this so that makes me feel..whatever, I don’t know I’m really just ranting or something now and I should be asleep and this is way too personal and yeah.
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sext: I bought you concert tickets

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Talking Heads, Hollywood (1977)